“A few years ago, I suffered a great loss at my business. Through a misunderstanding, I was essentially being burdened by someone else's actions, something that happened twenty years prior that I should have not lawfully been accountable for. And due to that, I had no other option than to move forward with a civil suit against the United States. Everything for my case was time-sensitive, and Gregory accomplished everything within the allotted amount of time. He was able to settle my case out of court, in my favor, and had that not happened and if the lawsuit had to be drug out for a year or longer, I would've most likely lost my business. I wouldn't have trusted something as serious as my business and my livelihood with any other attorney. He was always prompt and communicative with me, and even through such a stressful time I was comfortable knowing that I had given the responsibility for something so important to the right person. If I ever have any problems again in the future, especially with my business, I would never use another attorney.”  - C.B.

“Mr. Swank is an excellent attorney. Very good litigator. I would highly recommend his services.” - K.W.

“We were having more than one issue. Upon entering the office, Greg sat down and really listened to our problems. We were having farm related issues with evicting someone from the property that we purchased and Greg handled it quickly. We had tried on numerous occasions to handle it on our own. Greg got the job done. We also currently have a problem with property damaged from a different person and we are trusting Greg to handle that in the same professional way that we handled our first issue. His attention to our case has led us to have confidence in him. When we call with questions, he returns our calls quickly. We will continue to use Greg Swank as our attorney and we highly recommend this law firm.” – J.T.

“My fiancé and I were looking for an attorney in the Kittanning (Armstrong county) area. The police there apprehended her and filed charges that were, to say the least, questionable. We contacted Greg and briefly explained the situation. We set up an appointment to meet in person 3 days after the initial phone consultation. We immediately felt comfortable with Greg and his staff. He agreed to take on our case and we agreed to hire him. He kept us up to speed on what to expect and really took the time to listen to everything we had to share (even non-case related issues). He got us very favorable results at the preliminary hearing. What we thought were going to be some very difficult charges and penalties turned into a slap on the wrist. We trust Greg and are very lucky to have found him. Thank you!”

“I was charged with a very serious crime by the State police. Greg took the case to trial in front of a jury and blew apart the evidence the prosecutors used to try to convict me. After two days of trial the jury came in with a not guilty verdict. I was facing several years in prison and I walked out of the courthouse free. Greg's not the least expensive, but if you’re in trouble and need to get out, I would recommend him very much.”

“He is very good at what he does. He takes the time to explain specifically what will or won't happen. He has made my divorce easy. He has been helping me for years with custody and is well aware of everything regarding custody. He has had to deal with a very hostile situation and hasn't given up on what is best for my son. I have had him represent me for years and would recommend him to anyone dealing with divorce or custody. He speaks in legal terms and then puts things into a normal perspective.”


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